Formula One TV Coverage

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Port Neches

CBS Sports Network TV Series 1
Sunday, May 19, 2019, 6:30 pm ET

Toledo, Ohio

CBS Sports Network TV Series 2
Sunday, July 14, 2019, 12:30pm ET

Bay City, Michigan

CBS Sports Network TV Series 3
Sunday, August 4, 2019 12:30pm ET

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

CBS Sports Network TV Series 4
Sunday, August 18 2019 12:30pm ET

Springfield, Ohio

CBS Sports Network TV Series 5
Sunday, September 1 2019 7:30pm ET

Windsor, Colorado

CBS Sports Network TV Series 6 - Sunday, September 22 - 4:30pm CST & Monday Sep 23rd 9:30pm CST

Television Coverage

Complete 6 race series TV Schedule to air on CBS Sports Coming Soon!

Greenlight TV, a Florida based company films and produces our 30 minutes shows for tape delay broadcast nationally on CBS Sports Network with 65 million US households receiving prime time airings on both the east and west coast. With a guarantee of at least one re-air of the half hour programs to occur on both sides of the country. Greenlight TV and CBS Sports Network to run concurrently with the NGK agreement. Our television coverage will increase from 3 episodes to 6 episodes giving each of the 6 races its own 30-minute show. The shows will be complemented by the addition of a second land camera and live streaming from Greenlight TV.

Television Coverage in 2018 Reached over 2.7B Homes reached via CBS Sports Network’s 45 airings of 6 episodes (+225% increase over 2017)

9B Households worldwide (+ 420% over 2017) 30 minute programs airing on CBS Sports Network, 60M households per episode, prime time airings

Note: CBS Sports Network and Motor Trend On Demand are not monitored channels. The above numbers do not include Worldwide Encores, a conservative estimate across the 3 shows would be 10 airings per show, plus inclusion in the weekly shows. The weekly shows will result in 756 airings over the 6 events on 42 channels in 866 million additional homes worldwide.

Streamed by Motor Trend on Demand- 600k total total viewership

Weekly highlight motorsports shows on Planet Speed, Max Power, Motorsport Mundial and the Nautical Channel (only global 24/7 nautical sports channel)

Streamed by Motor Trend on Demand

600k total total viewership

Social Media

Greenlight TV produces live racing shows of the final day of competition via The NGK F1 Powerboat Championship Facebook Page, along with real time race updates, driver and team interviews and more throughout the entire weekend!