Tri Hull Drivers

Wayne Barber #0


Hunter Barber #00


Cory Walker #1

Team Name - Walker Engineers PPLC
Crew Chief - Cory Walker
Driver Name - Cory Walker
Age - 42
Hometown - Richmond, Texas
Years as a race driver - 11
Spouse Name/children- Tiffany, 2 girls Cora 3 years old and Lola 1 year old
Occupation - Structural Engineer, Walker Engineers, PPLC
Sponsors - Waler Engineers PPLC, Cory Walker
Who got you started racing? - My friends John and Michael Schubert got me involved after going and watching a race that they conducted and participated in.
What made you want to race? - I've always loved driving boats ever since I was very young. By the time I was 12 years old I knew I was going to boat race if the opportunity presented itself.

Charles Donaldson #2

Team Name - Black Hawk Racing
Crew Chief - Dave Tuttle
Crew Members - Dave Tuttle, Tracy Hawkins, Ray Savant, Roberto Soto, Charles Donaldson
Engine Builder - Racing Ray and Roberto Soto
Driver Name - Charles Donaldson
Age - 36
Hometown - Sargent, TX
Occupation - Owner, Sargent Marine & Mechanical Svs
Who got you started racing? - Dave Tuttle
What made you want to race? - Tracy Hawkins

Rodney Cheatham #4


Jeremiah Mayo #5


Jerry Rinker #10


Phillip Wolfe #15


David Wills #25

Team Name-HWK Racing
Crew Members-Allen Knight, Daniel Wills
Driver Name - David Wills
Hometown-Lucas, Texas
Occupation - Drafting Technician, Urban Structure, LLC
Who got you started racing? - Gary Hughes
What made you want to race? - I've always wanted to race something. After meeting Gary, he introduced me to the world of boat racing.

John Ottinger #33

Driver Name - John Ottinger
Age - 19
Hometown - Bay City Texas
Years as a race driver - 8


Chris Rinker #52


Darren Ware #54


Klint Dillard #56


Jude Gaspard #70

Team Name-Cooyon Racing
Driver Name - Jude Gaspard
Crew Cheif-Jude Gaspard
Crew Members-Nikki Gaspard, Roberto Soto
Driver Name - Jude Gaspard
Hometown-Conroe, Texas


Kevin Teague #97

Team Name - Teague Racing
Driver Name - Kevin Teague
Age - 42
Hometown - Richmond
Years as a race driver - 8


Travis Yates #99


Darryle Middleton #110