Formula Light Drivers

Travis Thompson #2

Crew Chief - Davey Thompson
Crew - Rick and Roger Bobalik
Driver Name - Travis Thompson
Age - 29
Occupation - Communications Engineer

Hometown - Humble, TX
Highlights - Many top 5's, and local race wins but still hunting the top spot at a major series event.
Sponsor - All Star Truck Repair. Houston, Tx


Jeremiah Mayo #8


Amanda Hagerl #4

Crew Chief - Don Hagerl
Engine Builder - Don Hagerl
Crew Members - Don Hagerl, MaryEllen Hagerl, Nour Hagerl, Chris Hagerl, Jim Hagerl
Driver Name - Amanda Hagerl
Age - 31
Years as a race driver - 21
Occupation - High School Social Studies and Health Teacher
Who got you started racing? - Family Sport, Father and two older brothers race/raced
What made you want to race? - To share something with my family
Career Highlights - Hall of Champions

Mark Schmerbauch #6

Team Name - MJS Racing
Crew Chief - Mike Piel
Crew Members - Paul- Boat Set Up, Mary Schmerbauch- Administrative
Driver Name - Mark Schmerbauch
Age - 59
Hometown - Greenfield, Wi.
Years as a race driver - 41
Occupation - 2nd shift supervisor of fabrication, Eaton Corporation
Sponsors - Bud Nollman, The Foot Doctor Ron Thomas, Pizza Inn of Port Neches & Orange Tx., PNC Bank of Trenton Mi., Jerry's Marine in Sulphur La.
Who got you started racing? - My older brother got me started in racing.
What made you want to race? - Loved the water and I'm a very competitive person.
Career Highlights - 3X APBA Hall of Champion Inductee, 5X UIM World Champion, 6X APBA National Champion, 5X APBA North American Champion, 7X APBA National High Point Champion, 6X National Total Points per Class

Chris Hagerl #11


Chris Hughes #17


J.W. Nelson #18

Team Name - Screamin' Eagles
Driver Name - J. W. Nelson
Crew Members - Fred Nelson, Bill Hesson, Daryl Balcom, Tom Wein, Randy Spitler, Alex Koss
Age - 31
Years as a driver - 15


Jared Wallach #18

Crew Chief - Jonathan Culley
Driver Name - Jared Wallach
Hometown - Redondo Beach, CA
Years as a race driver - 3 years racing Formula Lights, 2015 WFLS Rookie of the Year
Sponsors - Clover Construction, Jet Renu, SRP, Armenian Navy


Spencer Love #24

Crew Chief - Jose Antonio Aguilar Gonzales
Driver Name - Spencer Love
Hometown - Thousand Oaks, CA
Career Highlights - 20 years racing Formula Lights, 2015 45SS APBA National
Champion, 2016 45SS APBA High Point Champion, Multiple WFLS Victories/High
Point Championships
Sponsors: Clover Construction


Steve Lee #25


Andy Versace #28


Jimmy Robb Jr. #31


Austin Cheatham #40

Crew chief - Mike Cheatham
Driver Name -  Austin Cheatham - 5th Generation Driver
Hometown - Hempstead, TX
Career Highlights - 2016 - Rookie year hoping to be a strong competitor in the NGK
Formula 1 Powerboat Championship Tour
Sponsors - Barry Fleet Services, Bel Ray Lubricants


Colin Cross #44

Crew Chief - (Taking Applications)
Driver Name - Colin Cross
Hull - 2011 Composite Craft
Hometown - Alameda, CA
Experience: 28 years racing cars, 2 years racing Formula Lights
Sponsors: Clover Construction, Instinct Racing, Lauren's Closet, Composite Craft



Leland Broge #45


Chris Swanson #54

Team Name - SMS Motorsports
Crew Members - Sunee Swanson, Edie Miller, Dominic Miller, Sydney Swanson, Mia Swanson Chris Horner (PT) Michael Hano (PT)
Driver Name - Chris Swanson
Age - 39
Years as a driver - Total years in Motorsports (19) Boat Racing (2017 is 3rd season)


Ruben Asencio #65


Steve Merleau #66


Dan Trosen #77




RJ West #93


Paul Trolian #94


Ashton Rinker #96

Team Name - Rinker Racing
Crew Chief - Scoot Dutchak, James Chambers
Crew Members - Kristen Woodcock Justin Himes Dave Johnson Lori Rinker John Rinker
Driver Name - Ashton Rinker
Age - 32
Years as a race driver - 8