Formula Light Drivers

Jeremiah Mayo #8

Austin Cheatham #40

Crew chief - Mike Cheatham
Driver Name -  Austin Cheatham - 5th Generation Driver
Hometown - Hempstead, TX
Career Highlights - 2016 - Rookie year hoping to be a strong competitor in the NGK
Formula 1 Powerboat Championship Tour
Sponsors - Barry Fleet Services, Bel Ray Lubricants

Grant Schubert #13

Kelly Ireland #53

Team Name: JCK Foster Racing Boat Class: F Light Boat# 53 Crew Chief: Freddie Brennan Crew Members: Greg Foster, Lynn Wilson and Al Stoker

Steve Merleau #66

Travis Thompson #2

Crew Chief - Davey Thompson
Crew - Rick and Roger Bobalik
Driver Name - Travis Thompson
Age - 29
Occupation - Communications Engineer

Hometown - Humble, TX
Highlights - Many top 5's, and local race wins but still hunting the top spot at a major series event.
Sponsor - All Star Truck Repair. Houston, Tx

Dan Trosen #77

Chris Hughes #17

Debby Mobley #45

Who got you started racing: John Edde
What made you want to race: Crewed last year and loved it!
Racing Goals: Bring more females into racing!
Hobbies and Interests: Hunting!
Explain your pre-season prep: Crappy weather, very little time on the water.
Hometown : Shepherdsville, KY
Occupation : Retired, sold business Aug 2107
Years as a race driver : Rookie year 2018

Andy Versace #28

Jose Mendana Jr. #21

Jake Alkema #191M

Team Name: Team Racecraft
Age: 24
Hometown: Commerce Township, MI
Crew members: John Schwartz, Mike Horn, Sam Cote
Occupation: Mechanic
Employer: Cadillac of Novi
Sponsors: Horns Powersports

RJ West #93

Hans McAuley #42

Thomas Schlarb #47

Carlos Mendana #27

Leland Broge #45

Driver Name: Leland Broge
Team Name: Team Casual
Boat Class: Formula Lights
Boat# 67
Crew Chief: John Broge
Age: 17
Hometown: Wyandotte
Crew Members: Bob Broge, John Broge, JR Broge,Callie Shensky, Mike Shensky, Mac Phalzer
Years as a race driver: 8
Email Address:
Instagram Account: Teamcasualracing
Who got you started racing? Bob Broge
What made you want to race? The competition and rush the sport gives
Racing Goals: Place top 5 in my first year racing
Hobbies and Interest: Dirt biking

J.W. Nelson #18

Team Name - Screamin' Eagles
Driver Name - J. W. Nelson
Crew Members - Fred Nelson, Bill Hesson, Daryl Balcom, Tom Wein, Randy Spitler, Alex Koss
Age - 32
Years as a driver - 15
Team Name: Screaming Eagles Wyatt NelsonRacing
Boat: 2013 Pugh
Owners: Jason W. Nelson and Wyatt Nelson
Crew Chief: Wyatt Nelson or Tom Wein
Engine Builder: Tom Low
Crew Members: Tom Wein - Team Manager, Randy Spieler Chief - Mechanic, Daryl Falcom, Alex Coss,Crew:Andrew Lee and Ben Gray
Sponsors: Wyatt Howard Nelson Architecture, Pugh Boat Works and Dewald racing propellers
Employer: Frazier & Deeter, LLC.

Years on the job: 11

Who got you started racing? My dad & Grandfather, Wyatt and Fred Nelson.

What made you want to race? Watching my father race and being around the sport my whole life. 1st race I was 2 weeks old to watch my dad race pro-runabouts.

Career Highlights: 2008 Alcgonac Chris Craft Regatta Champion, 2009 Formula Lights World Champion (Trenton, MI), 2017 USF1 Powerboat Series Champion for the formula lights and too many podium finish to list.

Racing Goals: To win every race I enter and to be inducted into the APBA” Hall of Champions”.

Hobbies and Interest: Boat racing, Golf and Basketball

Steve Wilkes #44

Amanda Hagerl #4

Crew Chief - Don Hagerl
Engine Builder - Don Hagerl
Crew Members - Don Hagerl, MaryEllen Hagerl, Nour Hagerl, Chris Hagerl, Jim Hagerl
Driver Name - Amanda Hagerl
Age - 31
Years as a race driver - 21
Occupation - High School Social Studies and Health Teacher
Who got you started racing? - Family Sport, Father and two older brothers race/raced
What made you want to race? - To share something with my family
Career Highlights - Hall of Champions

Mark Schmerbauch #6

Driver Name: Mark Schmerbauch
Boat Class: Formula Lights
Boat # 35
Age: 60
Team Name: BB Racing
Sponsors: Pizza Inn, PNC Bank, Foot Doctor, Jerry’s Marine
Crew Chief: David “Spud” Hemp
Crew Members: Roger Bobolink, Rick Bobolink, Paul Lyles, Chris Horner
Years as a race driver: 40
Hometown: Greenfield WI
Employer: Bruno Independent Living Aids
Facebook page: Mark Schmerbauch
Who got you started racing: My Brother owned a DSH and asked me to drive it because he had to work.
What made you want to race: I grew up 2 blocks from a lake and always played with boats and engines
Racing Goals: Starting a new race team - BB Racing and organize it to where I left off with my own team.
Hobbies and interests: I like to stay in physical condition by weight lifting.  I am a post war collector of Lionel Trains.  I have my original 1956, Restored 20H and Mark 25 Engines.
Pre-season Prep: With a new race team and starting over from scratch will be exciting 2018 race year.

Career Highlights:

2017: NGK Ft Powerboat Championship Series Winner and World Champion

2016: Hall of Champions Inductee, World & National Champion

2015: Hall of Champions Inductee, World & National Champion, National High Point Champion, North American Champion and USF1 Powerboat Tour Champion. 2014: Hall of Champions Inductee, National Champion, National High Point Champion, North American Champion and USF1 Powerboat Tour Champion.

UIM World Champion-5 Times, 1992 (25XS Hydro), 2012, 13, 15, 16, & 2017 (SST 45) National Champion - 6 Times

National High Point Champion - 7 Times, National Total Points Per Class -6 Times Pro Tunnel Boat Champion - 2012 and 2013

North American Champion - 5 Times, Official Record Holder

Wisconsin State Champion - 7 Times, Illinois State Champion - 11 Times, Midwest Champion - 3 Times, Central Divisional Champion - 10 Times, Henry Menzies MemorialAward-1981, 89.

Summary: Accomplishing over 40 Championships, I am proud to say that I ha,re built one of the most powerful race teams in boat racing. We are self-sufficient in all areas and able to accomplish all of our objectives (with one of the smallest racing budgets.) I am especially proud of all my crew members and sponsors that are associated with MJS Racing.

Chris Hagerl #11

Jared Wallach #18

Crew Chief - Jonathan Culley
Driver Name - Jared Wallach
Hometown - Redondo Beach, CA
Years as a race driver - 3 years racing Formula Lights, 2015 WFLS Rookie of the Year
Sponsors - Clover Construction, Jet Renu, SRP, Armenian Navy

Spencer Love #24

Crew Chief - Jose Antonio Aguilar Gonzales
Driver Name - Spencer Love
Hometown - Thousand Oaks, CA
Career Highlights - 20 years racing Formula Lights, 2015 45SS APBA National
Champion, 2016 45SS APBA High Point Champion, Multiple WFLS Victories/High
Point Championships
Sponsors: Clover Construction

Steve Lee #25

Jimmy Robb Jr. #31

Colin Cross #44

Crew Chief - (Taking Applications)
Driver Name - Colin Cross
Hull - 2011 Composite Craft
Hometown - Alameda, CA
Experience: 28 years racing cars, 2 years racing Formula Lights
Sponsors: Clover Construction, Instinct Racing, Lauren's Closet, Composite Craft

Chris Swanson #54

Team Name - SMS Motorsports
Crew Members - Sunee Swanson, Edie Miller, Dominic Miller, Sydney Swanson, Mia Swanson Chris Horner (PT) Michael Hano (PT)
Driver Name - Chris Swanson
Age - 39
Years as a driver - Total years in Motorsports (19) Boat Racing (2017 is 3rd season)

Ruben Asencio #65

Adam Low #80

Driver Name: Adam Low
Team Name: Chicken Sandwich rRacing
Boat Class: Formula Lights
Boat# 80
Crew Chief: Chris mMills
Engine Builder: Tom Low
Age: 25
Hometown: Galesburg
Crew Members: Chelsea Low, Tom Low, Chris mills, Ben barker
Spouse Name: Chelsea Low
Years as a race driver: 9
Occupation: Rigger
Employer: Boat customs
Years on the job: 1
Who got you started racing? My dad
Sponsors: RBK fFasteners, Boats cCustoms,
What made you want to race? Father raced for years
Career Highlights: National high point.
Racing Goals: Rookie of the year in sst45
Hobbies and Interest: Boats, racing, motors.


Paul Trolian #94

Charlie Smith #49

Driver Name : Charlie Smith
Age : 27
Hometown : PETOSKEY
Team NameTeam : S&S
Boat Class : Formula Lights
Boat Number : 49
Crew Chief : Teddy Hackman
Engine Builder : Don Hagerl
Crew Members : David Steffes, Kole Slabaugh
Years as a Race Driver : 2
Occupation : Sales
Employer : Audi Petoskey
Years On The Job : 3
What Got You Started RacingWatching : The Top O Michigan Marathon Nationals with my dad growing up really gave me the bug to start racing. He bought me a J boat at Top O\' in 2002, and have raced every year since.
Career Highlights : 5x Marathon Nationals Champion
Hobbies and Interests : I like long walks on the beach and anything with an engine.