F1 Power Boat Championship Series


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NGK Spark Plugs announces sponsorship of “The NGK Spark Plugs Formula 1 Powerboat Championship” 1st Stop, Port Neches!

The NGK Spark Plugs F1 Powerboat Championship is a 6-race series contested across North America featuring the Formula 1 division along with showcasing the Formula Lights and Tri Hulls as supporting classes. 2017 was our Inaugural year and a huge success. All 6 weekend long community events had great participation and fan turn out including the 2 Inaugural events in Gulfport, Florida and Springfield, Ohio. Each race included 20+ Formula 1 boats racing which has not been accomplished by a F1 Racing Series in many years. 

For 2018 the series has reached a new 2-year agreement with NGK with an optional 3rd year for them to continue as the title sponsor. Additionally, an agreement has been reached with Greenlight TV and CBS Sports Network to run concurrently with the NGK agreement. Our television coverage will increase from 3 episodes to 6 episodes giving each of the 6 races its own 30-minute show. The shows will be complimented by the addition of a second land camera and live streaming from Greenlight TV.

Formula 1 Powerboat racing for the last five decades, has been recognized as one of the world’s most spectacular racing experiences. With lightning speeds up to 120 miles per hour and nimble handling, the Formula 1 boats, and their world-class drivers thrill audiences with it’s up close and personal deck-to-deck, sponson-banging competition. This brand of racing typically produces the largest motorsports event of the year in the markets it visits. Through live attendance and media coverage, Formula 1 Powerboat Racing reaches hundreds of thousands of consumers each season. The NGK F1PC series spectator base blends the brand loyalty of the Motorsports Fan with the buying power of the recreational boater.  Each race is more than a series of one-day events, these races have evolved into the anchor for a weekend long multi-interest community festival, providing individual events that appeal to all ages and lifestyles.