F1 Drivers

Ashton Rinker #20

Team Name - Rinker Racing
Crew Chief - Scoot Dutchak, James Chambers
Crew Members - Kristen Woodcock Justin Himes Dave Johnson Lori Rinker John Rinker
Driver Name - Ashton Rinker
Age - 32
Years as a race driver - 8

Tracy Hawkins #3

Driver Name: Tracy Hawkins
Team Name: T-Hawk Racing
Boat Class: Formula 1
Boat# 2
Crew Chief: David Tuttle
Engine Builder: The crew
Age: 58
Hometown: Willis, TX
Owners: Tracy Hawkins & David Tuttle
Crew Members: Roberto Soto, June Gasporo, Charlie Donaldson & David Tutle
Years as a race driver: 40
Email Address: BlackhawkElectric@aol.com
Facebook Page: Tracy Hawkins
Occupation: Electrical Contractor
Who got you started racing? Assistant Referee Darrell Beaulier & Kevin Beaulier
What made you want to race? Childhood dream
Sponsors: Tuttle Enterprises, Palmer Power Corporation, CDI Electronics, Bel Ray Lubricants, Stow-A-Way Marina, Palmer Power Corp and Baumann Propellors.
Career Highlights: 3 time National Champion, Inducted into APBA Hall of Champions, Sport Racing Series Champion, 2013, 2014, 2016, Winner - Mexico Champion, 2016
Racing Goals: To win the NGK F1 Powerboat Championship
Hobbies and Interest: Boat Racing
Pre-Season Preparation: We have been building a new boat and powerbeads, as well as testing props and preparing for the 2018 Championship run!

Wesley Cheatham #4

Greg Foster #58

Driver Name: Greg Foster Nickname: Fearless Team Name: JCK Foster Racing Boat Class: F1 Boat# 53 Crew Chief: Freddie Brennan Are Members: Kelly Ireland, Lynn Wilson and Al Stoker Engine Builder: Ron Anderson Age: 58 Hometown: Orange, CA Years as a race driver: 44 Email Address: greg@cranerentalservice.com Facebook Page: JCK Foster Motorsports Employer: Crane Rental Service Years on the job: 41 years Who got you started racing? My Father What made you want to race? I love the competition and the thrill of being on the water. Career Highlights: 2001 Formula 1 Champion, 2002 Formula 1 Champion, 2017 Formula 1 Champion Racing Goals: Win another championship in the 2018 racing season. Hobbies: Anything with a steering wheel… Off Road Racing, Sprint Car Racing and Mountain Biking.

Johnny Fleming #9

Driver Name: Johnny Fleming
Team Name : Fleming Racing
Boat Class : Formula 1
Boat# : 9
Crew Chief: James Fleming
Hull: 2007 Seebold Sports Hull
Age: 38
Hometown: The Woodlands, TX
Crew Members: Margo Fleming, James Fleming and Trish Fleming
Years as a race driver: 271
Email Address: JohnnyFleming9@yahoo.com
Facebook Page: Johnny Fleming
Instagram Account: Johnny Fleming9
Occupation: Sales
Employer: Morrison Supply
Years on the job: 15
Who got you started racing : My dad raced and got me started in the Hydroplane Division at a young age.
What made you want to race : I love the competition and camaraderie amongst the drivers.
Career Highlights : 2016 SST 200 APBA National Championship 2nd place, North American Champion 2015. 2015 HOTT Series High Point Champion,  2009 APBA US Divisional Champion SST120, 1999 Lone Star Texas Champion SST120
Racing Goals : To win the 2018 NGK F1 Powerboat Championship
Hobbies and Interest : Hunting, powerboating on the lake, living a healthy life and going to the gym.
Sponsors : Fleming Manufacturing, Bowden Development
2018 Pre-Season Preparation : We purchased a new Seebold F1 Hull for this season along with a new engine. We also completely rebuilt the 2 engines from last year.


Spencer Love #24

David McMurray #57

Driver Name: David McMurray
Team Name: Team Nashville Marine
Boat Class: F 1
Boat#: 57
Crew Chief: Dewayne Lambert
Engine Builder: Chris Fairchild
Age: 49
Hometown: Mount JulietTennessee
Crew Members: Travis Grisham
Spouse Name: Denise
Years Married: 12
Years as a race driver: 2017 Rookie Year
Email Address: cmcmurray20@gmail.com
Website: Nashvillemarine.net
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/david.mcmurray.777
Occupation: Marine Dealer
Employer: Nashville Marine
Years on the job: Since 1988
Who got you started racing? Mark Proffitt
What made you want to race? I always raced motorcross and cars, so I thought I would give boat racing a try.
Racing Goals: Finish top 10 this season in the NGK circuit.
Pre Season Prep: This Texas race I will be driving Tim Seebold’s f1.  Tim Seebold is building me a brand new f1 for this 2018 season.  I will have the new bboat in Florida next month.

Dustin Terry #03

Team Name - McCollough Racing
Driver Name - Dustin Terry
Hometown - Vidor, TX
Career Highlights - In the last 2 seasons, we have finished on 9 podiums in 12 races, with wins in Detroit, Trenton, and a Formula 150 National Championship in Shreveport.

Reuben Stafford #5

John Edde #55

Driver Name: John Edde
Age: 52
Hometown : Seymour IN.
Email : jdedde3987@gail.com
Facebook Link: Team john edde racing
Team Name: Team John Edde Racing
Boat Class: F1
Boat Number: 55
Crew Chief: Toby Singlton
Engine Builder: Chris Fairchild
Crew Members: Freddie Johnson
Years as a Race Driver: 3
Occupation: buisiness owner
Employer: Bad ass custom truck parts
Years On The Job: 12
What Got You Started Racing: Roark Summerford
Sponsors: Renegade
Career Highlights: Rookie of the year 2018 top 10 in points 2018 5at the notional sst120 8 at the nationals champboat 3rd at louisville iogp 2017
Racing Goals: hall of fame
Hobbies and Interests: hunting and boat racing

Travis Yates #99

Fred Durr #96

Chris Fairchild #62

Jeff Reno #34

Team Name - Rock and Roll Racing
Engine Builder - Jeff Reno

Crew - Scotty Carson and Sam Haroway- my go to do anything guys.
Driver Name - Jeff Reno

Age - 64
Hometown - Okeechobee, Florida
Years as a race driver - 30
Occupation - Metal Fabrication, Multifab
Sponsors - Kloeckner Metals, Strippens Things made of Strips, Connect It Wireless.
Who got you started racing? - Stumbled across a boat race while on my way to go fishing on night so I would say I got myself into the sport.
What made you want to race? - The excitement of the races when I first saw them. The thrill of driving an Outboard Tunnel boat has kept me in the sport for the last 30 years.
Career Highlights - 2016 APBA Hall of Champions Inductee, 2016 APBA National High Point Champion SST120

Tim Kraft #15

Rusty Wyatt #94

Driver Name: Rusty Wyatt
Age: 24
Hometown: Innisfil, ON
Email: rustywyatt@hotmail.com
Website: https://triplerracing94.wixsite.com/rustywyatt
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/TripleRRacing94/
Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/triplerracing94/ https://www.instagram.com/rustywyatt/
Team Name: Triple R Racing
Boat Class: Formula 1
Boat Number: 94
Crew Chief: Randy Wyatt
Crew Members: Ray Wyatt, Mack Jones
Nickname: Jake Gyllenhaal
Years as a Race Driver: 8
Occupation: Elevator Technician
What Got You Started Racing: My dad got me into driving powerboats when I was 12, that day I fell in love with the feeling of being behind the wheel of a powerboat. The boats have only got longer and the motors have only got bigger.
Sponsors: Crystal Clear Heated Wiper Blades
Career Highlights: 2012 Canadian Boating Federation Rookie Of The Year T-850, 2013 Canadian Boating Federation T-850 High Point Champion 1st Place, 2015 Canadian Boating Federation T-850 High Point Champion 1st Place, 2016 SST-120 High Points- Top 5 (3rd), 2016 SST-120 Superleague Rookie of the Year, 2017 – Formula 1 - 1 top 5 and 3 top 3, 2018 – Formula 1 - 1 Top 3 and 1 Top 5
Racing Goals: I cannot wait to get on the top of the podium and really show the talent behind the Triple R Team
Hobbies and Interests: Snowmobiling, Dirt Biking, Boating, Wakeboarding, Golf, Hockey, Race Boats

Aaron Wachholz #13

Driver Name:  Aaron Wacholz
Team Name: Lucky 13 Racing
Boat Class: F1
Boat#: 13
Hull: Lee Craft Aeroslot
Crew Chief: Jeff Baker
Engine Builder: Jeff Baker
Age: 49
Hometown: Forest Lake, Minnesota
Crew Members: Emma Wacholz & Josh Baker
Nickname: 13
Spouse Name: Emma Wacholz
Years Married: 26
Years as a race driver: 8
Email Address: race.tcba@gmail.com
Facebook Page: LuckyRacing13
Occupation: Owner/Operator
Employer: X-treme Paint Auto Body & Marine
Years on the job: 30
Who got you started racing? Howard Popcorn from Hydro Stream Boat
Sponsors: What made you want to race? I always loved watching the races, so decided to try it myself.
Career Highlights: 2017National High Points, 1st Place SST200, 2nd Place Formula 150, 2017 National Champion SST200, 2011 VP75 National Champion. Currently Serving as Commodore for Twin City Powerboat and Region 8 APBA Chairman.
Racing Goals: Win the National Championship for the SST200 in 2018
Hobbies and Interest: Boating, Off Road ATV Riding, Snowmobiling and travel.
Pre-Season Preparation: Fine tuning the boat set up while inspecting and repairing the motor.

Mark Proffitt #27


Driver Name:Mike Makus Team Name:Makus Racing Boat Class: F1 Boat #85 Engine Builder: Fairchild Age:34 Hometown:Oshkosh WI Spouse Name:Chelsie Makus Years Married:4 Years as a race driver:3 stock ouboard Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MakusRacing/ Who got you started racing? BSOA Sponsors:Quicksilver EZ Loader Trailer Racing Goals:Win a NGK F1 race somday

Jimmie Merleau #69

Rich Young #33

Tyler Welch #59

Mark Welch #95

Merv Bjork #32

Jeremiah Mayo #8

Jimmy Kerr #14

Austin Cheatham #5

Driver Name : Austin Cheatham
Age : 26 
Hometown : Waller Texas 
Email : austinrcheatham92@gmail.com
Team Name: Cheatham racing 
Boat Class : Formula 1 
Boat Number : 40
Crew Chief: Mike Cheatham 
Engine Builder: Chris Fairchild 
Crew Members: Mike Cheatham, Bryan nance, John Peper, Wesley Cheatham 
Years as a Race Driver: 3 
Occupation: Diesel mechanic 
What Got You Started Racing: My great grandfather 

Mike Klepadlo #35

Crew Chief: Mike (sarge) LaPlaunt & John Klepadlo
Engine Builder: Gohr Performance - Bill Gohr
Age: 40
Hometown: Gaylord Michigan
Crew Members: Lance Rypkowski #1 - Rachel Klepadlo #2 - Glen Labean - Jake Labean - Dave White Eric Froncek - Sarah Klepadlo
Facebook Page: Klepadlo Racing
Who got you started racing? My Father Dennis Klepadlo
Sponsors: KLEPADLO RACING FAMILY and support from local race sponsors and Series Sponsors
What made you want to race? Watching my Father Boat Race and Build Race Boat as a Kid. Growing up to be like Him.
Career Highlights: 2013 Bay City River Roar 3rd Place behind Tim Seebold & Terry Rinker in F1.. My first podium 2nd place at Trenton Mi 2002 in F2 with My Father
Racing Goals: To Be a F1 Champion and to watch My daughter Rachel drive her Race Boat.
Hobbies and Interest: Being with My two kids. Taking them to Boat Races and to their Sporting events -Snowmobiling - Jeeping in the woods

Terry Rinker #10

Team Name - Rinker Racing
Crew Chief/Engine Builder - James Chambers
Crew Members - Jamie Sullivan, Mike Farmer, Mike Miller
Driver - Terry Rinker
Age - 55
Hometown - Syracuse, IN
Years Racing - 31
Career Highlights - Swept the 2006 F1 Series Championship winning 7 races in a row.
From 2010 to 2015 Terry raced to 46 consecutive podium finishes of which 34 were
wins, 12 were second place.
Website - www.rinker10.com

Jim Robb #13

Tom Ludwig #81

Team Name - Ludwig Racing
Engine Builder - Brendan Powers at Power Performance Engineering

Crew Members - Nick Minne

Driver Name - Tom Ludwig
Age - 57
Hometown - St. Petersburg, Florida
Years as a race driver - 5
Spouse Name - Provinle, Daughters: Stephanie and Chelsea
Occupation - Self Employed, Lawnpro Inc.
Who got you started racing? - Started racing at an young age on dirt bikes and go carts, to sail boats graduating to F1 Powerboats.
What made you want to race? - The adrenaline rush of the sheer speed and the G wrenching turns.
Career Highlights - APR Superleague Rookie of the year 2013, Finished in the top 6 in the APBA high point championship 3 out the last 4 years in SST120 Category.

David Johnigan #91

Years as a race driver - I've been racing 2 years and team owner of Makin' Waves Racing for 12 years.
Crew chief: Chris Hughes
Crew: Tim Kraft, Liz Johnigan, and Beth Karasek
Driver Name - David Johnigan
Sponsor SunCoast Marine Works

Michael Schubert #8

Justin Gould #12

Jim Rob #13

Todd Lamb #25

Team Name: Screaming Eagle Boats
Boat# 25
Crew Chief: Cody Bowles
Engine Builder: Todd Lamb
Age: 43
Hometown: Ohio
Years as a race driver: Since 1992
Website: www.screamingeagleboats.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/todd.lamb.74
Occupation: Boat builder
Who got you started racing? My Dad
Sponsors: Screaming Eagle Boats
What made you want to race? Grew up watching boat racing
Career Highlights: Watching my boats win Championships
Racing Goals: To win some F1 races
Hobbies and Interest: Family boating time and the outdoors

Steve Lee #26

Team Name - Lee Motorsports / Holeshot Motorsports
Crew Chief - My Father Mike Lee
Engine Builder - My Father Mike Lee
Driver Name - Steve Lee
Hometown - Ocala, Florida
Years as a race Driver - 10
Age - 44
Spouse Name - Kendra, Children Branden, Kaycee, Carter
Occupation - CPA, Certified Accountant, Purvis, Gray, and Company, LLC
Sponsors - Holeshot Motorsport, My F1 boat is 2015 Grand Prix, Our Formula Lights boat is a 2010 Pugh Boat Works, Pre Season Prep: extensive testing in both classes in central Florida.
Who got you started racing? - My father and my grandfather
What made you want to race? - Growing up watching and going to the races with my father and grand father. 3rd generation Outboard Tunnel Boat Racer.
Career Highlights - F1: 2012 Bay City River Roar 5th, and Seattle Seafair 4th. Formula Lights: 1st at Bay City, Orange Tx., 2nd in Port Neches and Pittsburgh, 4th at LaPort In. all in 2016. 2011 Port Neches 3rd place, 2008 Chattahoochee Fl. 2nd Place

Robert Rinker #30

Team Name - Rinker Racing
Crew Chief - James Chambers
Crew Members - Keith Curry, Katie Williams, Llex and John Rio, Mike Farmer, Jaime Sullivan
Driver Name - Robert Rinker
Age - 30
Hometown - Riverview FL
Years as a race driver - 9

Curtis Nunez #55

Brent Dillard #80

Driver: Brent Dillard
Nickname: The Vibrant Thing
Team Name: Dillard Sports
Team Owners: Steve and Teresa Dillard
Boat Class: Formula 1
Boat # 80
Crew Chie: Bill Rucker
Engine Builders: Brendan Powers,Christian Lundin
Age: 31
Hometown: Dalzell SC
Crew members: Joe West, John Foran, RJ West, Joe Wespiser,
Charlie Schaeffer, Sandy Foran, Shane Walton, Jerry Jensen
Email: dillardfs@aol.com
Website: www.dillardfsinc.com
Occupation: Federal Retirement Advisor
Employer: Dillard Financial Solutions, Inc
Years on Job: 7
Who got you started in boat racing? My Dad
What made you start racing? My dad raced and I loved it
Career Highlights: 2004 & 2008 APBA Hall of Champions
14 US APBA National Championships,8 North American APBA Championships,
2-UIM Championships, 9 times APBA US national High points Champion in 3 classes, Formula 1 Rookie of the year 2017
Racing goal: Hall of Champions F1
Hobbies/interest: Basketball,Boat racing, and helping people secure their retirement income dollars.
2018 Pre-season preparation: Testing

Bryan Babineau #241

Team Name - Plum CrazyPowerboat Racing
Crew Chief - Kasandra Babineau
Driver Name - Bryan Babineau
Hometown - Beaverton Ontario Canada
Sponsors - Hydromoon, Mercury, Cradle-Ride Trailer, NGK Spark Plugs, Duncanville, Boat Club, Scycraft Race Boats, Quinn’s Marine

Lee Daniels #2


Kris Hilton #6

Team Name - Hilton Racing
Crew Chief - Mike Cheatham
Driver Name - Kris Hilton
Hometown - Porter, TX
Sponsors - Palmer Power, CDI, Bel Ray Lubricants
Career Highlights - Second year racing Sport F1


RJ West #93

Driver Name : RJ West
Age: 43
Hometown: Manteca, ca
Email: rj.compositecraft@gmail.com
Facebook Link: Composite Craft, Robert West
Team Name: Chuck Skelton Racing
Boat Class: F1
Boat Number: 93
Crew Chief: Chuck Skelton
Engine Builder: Mercury
Crew Members: Tim King, Dean Wilson, Jason Turner
Spouse Name: Jenifer West
Years Together With Spouse: 13
Years as a Race Driver: 35
Occupation: Composite fabricator
Employer: Composite Craft
Years On The Job: 9
What Got You Started Racing: Family sponsored race boats then started racing themselves in 1979
Sponsors: Oil twins
Career Highlights: 13 national championships, 15 national high point championships, 4 time hall of champion inductee, 6 world speed records
Racing Goals: Have fun, learn, and try to pass the person in front of me
Hobbies and InterestsSnowboarding, baseball

Dylan Anderson

Chris Rinker #52

Driver Name : Chris Rinker
Age : 49
Hometown : Houston TX
Email : chris@rinkersboatworld.com
Website : Rinkersboatworld.com
Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/buddy.rinker.9
Instagram Link : https://www.instagram.com/rinkersbw/
Team Name : Rinker Racing
Boat Class : Sport
Boat Number : 52
Crew Chief : James Chambers
Engine Builder : James Chambers
Crew Members : Matt Smith, Frank Force, Jamie Sullivan, Samantha Rinker, Jerry Rinker, Lori Rinker
Spouse Name : Samantha Rinker
Years Together With Spouse : 26
Years as a Race Driver : 35
Occupation : Boat Dealer
Employer : Rinker's Boat World
Years On The Job : For Ever
What Got You Started Racing : My Familyhas been racing since the 40's
Sponsors : Rinker's Boat World, Mcclain Trailers
Career Highlights : National Champion in 1986, Hi points champion in 2016 in Super Stock Trihull
Racing GoalsContenue the Rinker name as amazing competators and championchips
Hobbies and Interests : Hunting, Fishing, Wake Surfing, Boating, Family Time