This six race partnership series is based on the past success and core foundation of the partnership of NGK Spark Plugs and team Seebold Sports. Through this partnership a new series was born and is the first primary series Sponsorship for NGK Spark Plugs in the sport of Formula 1 Powerboat Racing.
NGK F1 Powerboat Championship Boat Classes

The NGK F1 Powerboat Championship 2017 Series includes the All New APBA F1 Class, The Formula Lights, Tri Hulls and the Youngsters coming up in the J Hydro Class. Click here for more information and photos on all 4 of these exciting Powerboat Classes.
2017 NGK F1 Powerboat Championship Series Boat Classes Schedule

Tim Seebold and crew are heading back out on the road for the 2017 NGK F1 Powerboat Championship Series. This time promoting 6 Powerboat Races across the country. Click here for a complete schedule along with complete information and links to each one of these World Class F1 Racing Events.